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What Does Herpes Look Like?


What Does Herpes Look Like?

While herpes do have a charachteristic look, still about 80 percent of those infected with the herpes simplex virus are unaware of their infection.   Many do not have any outbreaks at all, and the initial outbreak, which tends to be more severe can have been mistakenly thought of as a simple rash, a jock itch or vaginal infection.

If you have some kind of eruption or skin irritation, seeing what herpes look like can help you investigate the cause of your symptoms. If you arew wondering what does herpes look like, and while you can get an idea of what genital herpes look like, a comparison may not diagnose, or rule out a herpes simplex infection.

Herpes can have different visual appearances and what appears to be herpes may not be.  A definitive diagnosis can only be made by having a proper diagnosis by a mdeical practitioner.

There is no cure for Herpes.
Once you are infected you will have it for the rest of your life. There are, however, many different ways to minimize the severity of an outbreak and to reduce the number of outbreaks.   Oral antiviral medication is prescribed for those having a number of outbreaks per year. Topical preparations including herbs are used to soothe and heal the affected area.

Symptoms of a Herpes Simplex type 2 infection:

The infected area itself is usually tender, with or without blisters which may scab over. Burning, tingling and itching is common.
Additionally you MAY experience:  lower back pain, sensation while urinating, tingling in legs and back of thighs, fever, muscle ache, vaginal or penile discharge, swollen lymph glands, a sensation of pressure in the lower abdomen.

If you have any suspicion that your symptoms are those of herpes, or if you have symptoms and can't quite make out what they are, please seek help from a medical care practitioner to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Infections with the Herpes Simplex Virus tend to have a chacteristic appearance.

It is ofcourse normal to want to compare pictures of one's own blisters, or rash, to those of a person suffering from a herpes outbreak.  (See pictures below)

Pic of Male Genital Herpes
Pic of Female Genital Herpes

The images of herpes may give you an idea of what your symptoms may be, and what herpes look like but please get a proper diagnosis before making assumptions on your own.

It is eaqually risky to assume that what you have does not look like herpes. Doing so may put your partner(s) at risk for aquiring a life long disease whith some possibly serious consequences. Of course everyone would like to look at a picture of a herpes outbreak and discern whether they have herpes or not. "If that is what herpes look like then I don't have it" or, you may conclude that you DO have herpes because what you have may look like herpes, when in fact you do not.

We really stress you see a qualified health care practitioner for a proper diagnosis. Even though herpes have other tell tale signs, beside the visible blisters, it is still too risky to try to diagnose on your own.

The question, "What does Herpes Look Like?" is a very common one...  and if that is your question, or your partners question the best policy is to get the accurate answer. You can not get that from a website.

Picture of what Female Genital Herpes looks like.

Picture of what Male Genital Herpes look like.

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